Proof of payment

Below is a proof of payment for the month of April

Payout Notice (April 2012)

- 3,913 Points - UWCLCY - 0026074

Payout Approved

Net Payment: $33.53

  • Most of your posts has a good quality. Some of these are informative, and interacted with other members which made your post unique.
  • However, since we recommend our members to compose more than 3 lines to be more productive with their post, some of your posts won't be fully credited, though they had a good quality. We enforce this rule to prevent inappropriate activity from our members and produce informative posts, but it seems, we don't have problems with you.
  • Furthermore, we are in a community. Hence, as a senior member of our forum, we highly advise you to interact with other members more often - discern what our fellow members have shared, and discuss if you seem to view as needed. On that way, we will be able make our forum lively, informative, interactive, useful and helpful not just to your fellow members, but also to our guests and clients. :)

On a side note, the corresponding amount will be deposited to your FX trading account on monday or tuesday, as the coming days are holiday or weekend.

The amount that will be deposited to your FX trading account can be withdrawable within 3 days from deposit - It's an automated system.

If you are interested to register an account simply send a mail with the subject "paid to post withdrawable" to

After signing up give your username on confirmation that you followed the above link to register a new account, you would receive a reward from me.


Withdraw Your Bonus Earned To Your Credit Card

Here is how you can make money online genuinely just by sharing your experience and knowledge about forex you would get paid for each post it will reflect as points but by the end of the month it would be converted into cash and paid to your trading account which you can withdraw via your payment method.

Fxfred is a forum that is owned by United World Capital a well established forex broker that is registered in Cyprus. You get paid $0.15 per post and $0.18 per opened thread. Each post requires a minimum of 3 full lines. You must follow their rules in other not to get banned but don’t be afraid they are flexible they would always give you infractions to warn you not to repeat the mistake again to avoid being banned.

At the end of the month you will be paid to your trading account (UWCFX) and can freely withdraw the money to your payment method they accept moneybookers, mastercard which can be ordered from them amongst others.

Please you must have a UWCFX account in other to withdraw your bonus sign up to create an account with UWCFX following this link:

To join the forum, please follow this link:

You would see your bonus in points where 15 is equivalent to (15x0.01cent) = $0.15 cent and for opened thread = 18 points = (18x0.01cent) = $0.18 cent.

List of Top 10 PAMM in fxopen

April 23, 2012
№        PAMM                    account             Total Gain              Daily Gain
1 hrenfx(hrenfx):                 335964             14263.58%                0.00%
2 itriser(fxManager1):         381511             472.36%                  42.83%
3 Trade-Bowl(ECNp20):    319988              396.24%                 0.07%
4 Optimus(Optimus):          326558              379.33%                -0.78%
5 Baks(MTSplus):              344999              182.46%                 0.00%
6 152.47% -18.69%
7 miftahul(miftahulplan):        346927             123.10%                  5.21%
8 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071      104.07%               -0.35%
9 Explorer(Golden7Eggs):            385654        73.41%                 9.02%
10 Bishop341b(Bishop341b):       319529         64.40%              -4.37%

Feb 6 - 10, 2012
1. hrenfx(hrenfx):                    335964             21874.3%          -13.58%
2. Bishop341b(Bishop341b):   319529             343.81%           -0.79%
3. Optimus(Optimus):              326558              273.08%           -0.61%
4. Trade-Bowl(ECNp20):        319988             258.00%            0.00%
5. miftahul(miftahulplan):           346927              106.87%           6.33%
6. Baks(MTSplus)                  :344999                 93.09%          0.00%
7. 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071            89.11%           0.26%
8. jhtventure(SteveandJoeFX):340386                 50.11%            0.14%
9. amigos4(amigos4):                 373729               49.71%         - 2.22%
10. Consistent Growth (Consistent Growth): 296839 32.73%       0.00%

January  - 27, 2012
1. hrenfx(hrenfx):                           335964
2. bishop341b(bishop341b):         319529
3. optimus(optimus):                      326558
4. trade-bowl(ECNp20):               319988
5. miftahul(miftahulplan):                346927
6. BAks(MTSplus):                      344999
7. 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071
8. Red5(DSluck):                         357623
9. Jhtventure (SteveandjoeFX):    340386
10. FZ6Fazer(FZ6FAzer):            340300