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The Foreign Exchange, also referred to as the "Forex" or "Spot FX" market, is the largest financial market in the world, with over $1.2 trillion changing hands every single day. If you compare that to the $25 billion a day volume that the. New York Stock Exchange trades, you see how giant the Foreign Exchange really is. In fact it is three times larger than all of the US Equity and Treasury markets combined!

What is traded on the Foreign Exchange? The answer is money. Forex trading is where the currency of one nation is traded for that of another. Therefore, Forex trading is always traded in pairs. The most commonly traded currency pairs are traded against the US Dollar (USD). They are called ‘the Majors'. The major currency pairs are the Euro Dollar (EUR/USD); the British Pound (GBP/USD); the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY); and the Swiss Franc (USD/CHF). The notable ‘commodity’ currency pairs that trade are the Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD) and the Australian Dollar AUD/USD. Because there is not a central exchange for the Forex market, these pairs and their crosses are traded over the telephone and online through a global network of banks, multinational corporations, importers and exporters, brokers and currency traders.

Traditionally, currency trading has been a 'professionals only' market available exclusively to banks and large institutions, however, because of the rise of the new E-economy, online Forex trading firms are now able to offer trading accounts to 'retail' traders like you and I. Now almost anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can trade currencies just like the worlds largest banks do. There are now over 6 million trading accounts worldwide up from 1.7 million in 1997.

However, it is important to know a reliable currency broking firm (a firm that trades currency).  I recommend  won an award Best Alert System.

I have used this broking firm for some years and must confess they are reliable and effective. I have never had any problem with them. You can fund your account with various methods which include paypal, MasterCard, wire transfer, credit card, liberty reserve, webmoney, and others. You can also apply for a free Payoneer MasterCard. For every deposit made you get a bonus. If you signup with $100 you will get $50 bonus in addition to that they offer promotions. You can signup today get your $12000.

Don’t just take my word for it here is what they have to say.

“Our Award Winning forex trading platform will allow you to get the most updated FX market analysis, FX streaming news, up to date forex calendar, technical analysis tools, online forex trading charts and many more.

On the Ava FX forex trading platform you can trade many financial instruments such as: Oil, Stock Indices (DJ, S&P500, FTSE, DAX, CAC, MIB, NIKKEI and others), Gold, Silver, Sugar, Cotton, Gas and all the other major commodities. You can also enjoy the benefits of Ava FX auto trading solution and our oil trading website.

Ava FX is backed by a large financial institution, which manages over $16 billion in assets. We value your trust and spare no efforts in assuring that your funds are safe and secure with us. Ava FX has a unique partner program for forex white labels and introducing brokers. 
Ava Fx offers a world class multi-language Support Center in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.”
And best of all, you are provided with free trading resources which include free material on how to trade forex, free technical analysis from Trading Central, daily market review and guided tour to forex trading.

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Automated Forex Trading

Automated Forex Trading

Are you a disciplined individual? According to expert Forex traders, the only ones who succeed in the Forex market are those people who stay disciplined despite their success or failure. Automated Forex trading has changed the way traders make their transactions. If you’re a savvy Forex trader, you can definitely benefit from using these automated systems.

For beginners in the Forex trade, be warned that most of the trading systems sold or offered online are considered junk and useless. Oftentimes, these systems provide tested simulations and cleverly hyped marketing strategies that do not work. By using ‘junk’ trading systems, you can lose your investment.


Forex Trading Skills

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