Top 10 Pamms As Year 2012 Comes to an end

Top 10 Pamms As Year 2012 Comes to an end

Recurring Income (2147388) +51420.60 USD +51420.60 USD
forexhercules (1060650) +0.00 USD +17400.00 USD
Linkoln FX VIP (5120000) +17369.86 USD +17348.20 USD
Consistent Profit Pamm Ok (7232488) +6160.00 USD +6790.00 USD
Artefakt (7228930) +5493.33 USD +5487.15 USD
Trend-watcher (5040705) +3696.90 USD +5124.80 USD
Humble (1105955) +4663.19 USD +4663.42 USD
Revolver 33 10 (5118185) +4639.84 USD +4481.36 USD
Dima85 (5141885) +3801.45 USD +4151.91 USD
D-Profit (7069308) +3222.02 USD +3991.78 USD

Top 10 Pamms As Year 2012 Comes to an end


List of Top 10 Pamm - 26th November 2012

Top 10 traders of week 26th November 2012

Login                                                        Balance                  Equity

Dima85(5141885)                      +178263.88 USD     +153534.27 USD

Trust Invest Group(5085884)     +147915.07 USD     +147915.07 USD

Fx Skywings 1(2135899)            +14505.96 USD     +51708.26 USD

forexhercules(1060650)              +6918.00 USD     +33268.00 USD

Vanguard Assets Invest.(2137780)     +24000.00 USD     +24000.00 USD

D-Profit(7069308)                               +865.20 USD     +23427.76 USD

BISMILLAH IBTC-V8(488994)     +17197.43 USD     +16876.47 USD

FX-Megaforex C2012(5159089)     +212.46 USD     +14860.93 USD

Consistent Profit Pamm(7230953)     +13676.62 USD     +13565.07 USD

successful(7218664)                         +10354.48 USD     +10333.04 USD

forexhercules pamm has been around since 2011 and has been among the top 10 pamm with good profit you can join this pamm here: 


Forex Trading- Are You Gaining Or Losing?

Forex Trading- Are You Gaining Or Losing?

Did you know that you can find a market that is open 24 hours a day? The market is called Forex market and if you go there, you can’t find services, commodities and goods. The Forex market is the place where different kinds of currencies are traded. In every trade, two currencies are involved. For instance, you can sell your Canadian dollars for Euros; or you can pay Japanese Yen for US dollars. Forex rates or exchange rates can change unexpectedly. You need to monitor these exchange rates in order to determine if the price of a certain currency increased or decreased.

Forex Technical Indicators Revealed

Forex Technical Indicators Revealed

The Forex market is said to be one of the largest places known to the business people. Trading has become a part of man’s life since time immemorial. Needless to say, it is an opportunity that provides better earnings in relation to the released investment. Hence, it is an endeavor which requires you to gain an in-depth knowledge regarding the types of technical indicators that basically prove to be really useful. By combining two or more of them, you increase the probability of obtaining a full knowledge of the steps which you need to take on as you continue with the opportunity of earning a generous profit.

Technical Indicators and their Advantage 

Many of the traders are encouraged to make use of the technical indicators. Even more, the pros still trust them. How much more for a beginner like you? They are the mathematical formulas that govern the respective indicators. Studies reveal that they are very accurate too only that they don’t really come up with a complete analysis. What these tools can do is to show you the tendencies in the market.

Your mere presence in the stock market suggests that you have a perfect goal and that is to earn money and generate a great deal of profit. You should not forget though that the market is volatile. Meaning, its instability paves way to a number of changes that may occur at any time. Thus, these indicators are the perfect tools that can tell you as to whether it is good enough to buy or sell commodities or securities.

As you opt to utilize the indicators, it is likewise very pertinent to remember that many of the formulas include jotting down the derivatives. This goes to show that the data is not obviously direct. That is why it is often helpful to consult more than one indicator to be able to draw a clearer picture. After all, it will never hurt to check out the accuracy of your conclusion.

Four Basic Classifications of Technical Indicators 


Forex Auto money Review

Forex Auto money Review

 The numerous forex auto money Reviews do not truly offer an extensive review on a particular forex Automation Trading Software that maverick moneymakers like me would like to read. At least I have used FAP Turbo and can talk about it confidently. Forex Robots are made easy to deal with the 24-hour internet access business, vegas palms online casino without having to worry about changes in prices and currencies. this is only during the time of High instability that cash is made by the smart traders and this requires prompt action that FAP Turbo offers.

 The markets are wicked and strong and it is not a place where you’d want to make a blink or one wrong step. It is therefore extremely important to the trading system. In addition from having a unparalleled and Highly skilled algorithm, this Forex Trading Robot offers results that are better than that of the Back-Test Results! The good thing is that it can trade with any account size and any person of sane mind and age. By this I basically mean that you do not need to be a Stock Broker or have any knowledge on Forex Trading or Forex Market to use it. If you want to know more about this article you can visit at  Forex Trading System .


Top 10 Instaforex Pamm for September 20th

Here is a list of Top 10 Instaforex Pamm for September 20th

Login                                                               Balance                      Equity

2011-2013 Investment Plan (1086417)      +204687.75 USD        +205530.89 USD
Risk Reduced Envy PAMM (5137901)     +195730.34 USD        +194719.80 USD
balansplus (1102137)                                +15922.59 USD          +15153.13 USD
GuideInvest (1086454)                              +3460.00 USD           +12800.00 USD
SMART-F (2113181)                               +11409.78 USD          +11409.78 USD
SafeGrowth (2089304)                              +8179.37 USD            +10767.82 USD
NOSLIV (5087279)                                 +18027.20 USD          +7244.90 USD
MarketExplorer (7194904)                       +6771.35 USD            +6870.63 USD
forexhercules (1060650)                           +9840.00 USD            +6734.00 USD
Profit Producing Project (5101319)           +2503.37 USD            +6713.81 USD

Top 10 Instaforex Pamm for September 20th

If you want a reliable forex copy trader I recommend this guy his doing well so far I have been monitoring him for weeks now and I must say that his performance is outstanding.

Not A Forex Fan? - Profit Clicking

Not a Forex Fan? But you want to make money online, here is the way forward.

Just been paid is now profitclicking the reason is because FEderick Mann is now retired and you should be informed that the site is still paying as ever. When you join today, you account would be credited with $10 and you would be able to grow your $10 to up to $100 in a monthly and you would keep increasing it.

To register follow this link and your account would be credited with $10 instantly.

Profit clicking is paying as we speak a friend of mine withdrew $350 from her account few months back and would be withdrawing $40,000 from her account this November. Grab the opportunity why it last.


Top 10 PAMM July Ending

Here is a list of top 10 PAMM for Instaforex for the last week of the month of July

Kuo                                    (325259)   +253341.57 USD +253319.77 USD
Eureka                                (2085831) +28491.75 USD +115620.81 USD
TERRII FX                         (417138)   +93209.37 USD +78727.80 USD
Magic Net Super Platinum1 (2101422) +67464.23 USD +77478.33 USD
LIN Project                        (284637)   +81895.01 USD +77345.99 USD
Profit Producing Project      (5101319) +76922.81 USD +76760.87 USD
MARO                               (154297)   +74535.48 USD +72774.69 USD
Tyumen1976                       (7188722) +6485.46 USD +70423.31 USD
Singapore server lowrisk      (7210354) +60573.03 USD +60570.44 USD
forexhercules                       (1060650) +12490.00 USD +59410.00 USD

Here is a list of top 10 PAMM for Instaforex for the last week of the month of July


The Best Automated Forex Trading Systems - Tips How to Choose One

The Best Automated Forex Trading Systems - Tips How to Choose One

The Forex market has been and will be one of the most sought after financial trade markets. This is because of the enormous amount of money involved in the Forex market. People have made fortunes from this market in a short period of time. You too can use automated Forex trading systems to make a handsome profit for yourself by trading in this market.

Forex or foreign exchange market deals with currency trading and is the largest and most liquid financial market all over the world. However, that does not mean you need to be an expert in foreign currencies and the Forex market to be able to do trade.

Even if you have minimal knowledge,


Automated Forex Trading

Are you a disciplined individual? According to expert Forex traders, the only ones who succeed in the Forex market are those people who stay disciplined despite their success or failure. Automated Forex trading has changed the way traders make their transactions. If you’re a savvy Forex trader, you can definitely benefit from using these automated systems.

For beginners in the Forex trade, be warned that most of the trading systems sold or offered online are considered junk and useless. Oftentimes, these systems provide tested simulations and cleverly hyped marketing strategies that do not work. By using ‘junk’ trading systems, you can lose your investment.


InstaForex No Deposit Bonus

Insta forex is offering $10 no deposit bonus without any restrictions

How To Get This Bonus
To get this bonus, you must be ready to "like" Instaforex page on facebook social networking site. To get your no deposit bonus, you should follow this steps:
1. You must have an account with instaforex please to register, you are required to follow the social bonus site here:

NB: Ensure to give your working mobile number when registering as your registration number would be sent there.

2. Next you should go to Instaforex facebook page and "like" it.

3. Next thing to do is for you to go to you should enter your facebook page (e.g., instaforex account number and password and click on send request

4. When you click on the link, you would receive an SMS notification on your phone you provided while opening your instaforex account. You should enter the verification code on the box provided.

5. The next step is for you to send message "have new account and requested $10 bonus" to

6. Note that you won't be able to withdraw the bonus but can be able to withdraw the profit made from trading with the bonus without any restrictions.

Instaforex no deposit bonus is on.


Top 10 PAMM Instaforex

Here is a list of Top 10 PAMM Trader for this week July 2nd, 2012

Top 10 traders of week Login                 Balance              Equity
Private Investment Club (5102152)    +97377.60 USD   +97377.60 USD
Stabilnyi-Stable (2020710)                 +92072.51 USD   +87698.26 USD
TERRII FX (417138)                           +54542.24 USD   +51769.55 USD
RichCrest (1068643)                           -367893.29 USD   +41866.71 USD
Eureka (2085831)                               +30176.96 USD   +36855.54 USD
InvestTRADE Stability10-3(240069) +30756.97 USD     +30622.23 USD
InvestTRADE Stability10 2 (239699) +30387.06 USD    +30261.75 USD
FStability 1000 (1117942)                  +22620.52 USD   +22903.45 USD
MyBank (5109256)                             +7632.83 USD    +18379.44 USD
Comspec Fx (1078378)                       +13022.75 USD  +13074.75 US

Rich Crest seems to remain among the Top 10 PAMMs for a long period of time now. However one of the PAMM that has been on my watch since July 11th, 2011 is MARO and he still remains top 30 this week. Its performance have been a great one you can request for the link if you are interested in registering under this PAMM which has performed remarkably over a year. Simply send a mail to

Top 10 traders of week


FxOpen ForexCup Competition - July 2, 2012

FxOpen ForexCup Competition - July 2, 2012 - July 27, 2012
Are you a good trader, do you need $1000 real money for trading forex? If your answer is yes, then look no further  you just landed yourself $1000.

Here is how to get yourself $1000 to trade with:
FxOpen is in search of successful trader to become PAMM managers.
FxOpen is one of the world’s leading brokers.

Here is how it works
Join the new monthly contest, register at registration is free. This opportunity is available until July 1st 2012.

The competition is scheduled to hold on July 2, 2012 until July 27, 2012. Every participants gets a competition demo account with $5000 to trade with.

All that you are expected to do, is to make as much profit from your trade. You would have available 28 currency pairs to trade and allowed to open 5 trades simultaneously including pending orders.

The use of Expert Advisers (EAs) will not be allowed more rules of the competition can be found here

The contest will end July 27, 2012 $ the winner which is the trader that makes the largest profit will get a PAMM ECN account with $1000 from FXOpen. Real money will also be given to the top 4 traders

You must have opened an account with FxOpen broker for you to register with

Click ForexCup Competition to register for FxOpen forexcup competition
FxOpen ForexCup Competition - July 2, 2012 - July 27, 2012 


Top 10 PAMMs FxOpen

Here is a list of Top 10 PAMMs FxOpen 26th June 2012.

       PAMM account                                             Total Gain                  Daily Gain
1 hrenfx(hrenfx):335964                                             25401.64%                  10.48%
2 Trade-Bowl(ECNp20):319988                                575.99%                      1.45%
3 Baks(MTSplus):344999                                           306.33%                      2.05%
4 maxsoft(10-Years Stability):384092                        160.62%                      2.01%
5 Optimus(Optimus):326558                                      102.51%                      0.00%
6 SafePamm(ECNtrade):370084                                88.19%                        3.18%
7 Mihamuha(StableScalping):359395                         71.55%                        2.84%
8 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071                  44.27%                        0.64%
9 Consistent Growth(Consistent Growth):296839     32.73%                        0.00%
10 peter69(PAMM4U):400799                                  23.78%                        0.45%

hrenfx remains the number in the list of top 10 PAMMs for fxopen


IFF "Paid To Post Forum" Pays $0.30 to $0.40 per post

IFF Paid To Post Forums Pays $0.30 to $0.40 per post

As we all struggle to make post in the previous paid to post forums I have shared in this site I found lately of a great site that pays up to $0.30 to $0.40 per post made. Although you would expect it pays $0.20 but when you compare the number of post made a day with others that pay $0.20 you would realise that the difference is far.

For example, I made 20 post in mt5 forum and my payment was $3.80 for that day whereas I made the same 20 post in the IF and my payment for the day was $6.80 you can register with IF Forum by clicking HERE.

Register at IFF paid to post forum and start earning today quickly and easily they are in partnership with instaforex broker this makes it even far easier.

IFF Paid To Post Forums Pays $0.30 to $0.40 per post


Proof of payment

Below is a proof of payment for the month of April

Payout Notice (April 2012)

- 3,913 Points - UWCLCY - 0026074

Payout Approved

Net Payment: $33.53

  • Most of your posts has a good quality. Some of these are informative, and interacted with other members which made your post unique.
  • However, since we recommend our members to compose more than 3 lines to be more productive with their post, some of your posts won't be fully credited, though they had a good quality. We enforce this rule to prevent inappropriate activity from our members and produce informative posts, but it seems, we don't have problems with you.
  • Furthermore, we are in a community. Hence, as a senior member of our forum, we highly advise you to interact with other members more often - discern what our fellow members have shared, and discuss if you seem to view as needed. On that way, we will be able make our forum lively, informative, interactive, useful and helpful not just to your fellow members, but also to our guests and clients. :)

On a side note, the corresponding amount will be deposited to your FX trading account on monday or tuesday, as the coming days are holiday or weekend.

The amount that will be deposited to your FX trading account can be withdrawable within 3 days from deposit - It's an automated system.

If you are interested to register an account simply send a mail with the subject "paid to post withdrawable" to

After signing up give your username on confirmation that you followed the above link to register a new account, you would receive a reward from me.


Withdraw Your Bonus Earned To Your Credit Card

Here is how you can make money online genuinely just by sharing your experience and knowledge about forex you would get paid for each post it will reflect as points but by the end of the month it would be converted into cash and paid to your trading account which you can withdraw via your payment method.

Fxfred is a forum that is owned by United World Capital a well established forex broker that is registered in Cyprus. You get paid $0.15 per post and $0.18 per opened thread. Each post requires a minimum of 3 full lines. You must follow their rules in other not to get banned but don’t be afraid they are flexible they would always give you infractions to warn you not to repeat the mistake again to avoid being banned.

At the end of the month you will be paid to your trading account (UWCFX) and can freely withdraw the money to your payment method they accept moneybookers, mastercard which can be ordered from them amongst others.

Please you must have a UWCFX account in other to withdraw your bonus sign up to create an account with UWCFX following this link:

To join the forum, please follow this link:

You would see your bonus in points where 15 is equivalent to (15x0.01cent) = $0.15 cent and for opened thread = 18 points = (18x0.01cent) = $0.18 cent.

List of Top 10 PAMM in fxopen

April 23, 2012
№        PAMM                    account             Total Gain              Daily Gain
1 hrenfx(hrenfx):                 335964             14263.58%                0.00%
2 itriser(fxManager1):         381511             472.36%                  42.83%
3 Trade-Bowl(ECNp20):    319988              396.24%                 0.07%
4 Optimus(Optimus):          326558              379.33%                -0.78%
5 Baks(MTSplus):              344999              182.46%                 0.00%
6 152.47% -18.69%
7 miftahul(miftahulplan):        346927             123.10%                  5.21%
8 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071      104.07%               -0.35%
9 Explorer(Golden7Eggs):            385654        73.41%                 9.02%
10 Bishop341b(Bishop341b):       319529         64.40%              -4.37%

Feb 6 - 10, 2012
1. hrenfx(hrenfx):                    335964             21874.3%          -13.58%
2. Bishop341b(Bishop341b):   319529             343.81%           -0.79%
3. Optimus(Optimus):              326558              273.08%           -0.61%
4. Trade-Bowl(ECNp20):        319988             258.00%            0.00%
5. miftahul(miftahulplan):           346927              106.87%           6.33%
6. Baks(MTSplus)                  :344999                 93.09%          0.00%
7. 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071            89.11%           0.26%
8. jhtventure(SteveandJoeFX):340386                 50.11%            0.14%
9. amigos4(amigos4):                 373729               49.71%         - 2.22%
10. Consistent Growth (Consistent Growth): 296839 32.73%       0.00%

January  - 27, 2012
1. hrenfx(hrenfx):                           335964
2. bishop341b(bishop341b):         319529
3. optimus(optimus):                      326558
4. trade-bowl(ECNp20):               319988
5. miftahul(miftahulplan):                346927
6. BAks(MTSplus):                      344999
7. 307797(FXRANGETRADER):339071
8. Red5(DSluck):                         357623
9. Jhtventure (SteveandjoeFX):    340386
10. FZ6Fazer(FZ6FAzer):            340300